Sunday, May 17, 2009

Medicinal Mojito

Start this recipe by picking a warm summer day. 88° is good. I think today was around 90°, which is even better.

Go out and wipe yourself out. Yardwork is always good for this. Especially on the warm day. My example would be weeding and tilling the garden. I'm dirty, hot, and sweaty.

Go shower and get cleaned up. Then find some fresh mint and cut several sprigs.

If you know where the cheese store is, pick some up. A little good cheese never hurt anybody.

Pour out some Oil and Balsamic for dipping the crusty sourdough bread that I know you bought when you bought the cheese and crackers...

Next, get a tall glass, throw in a generous pinch or two of sugar, the juice of half a lime, about ten mint leaves that you cut earlier, and some ice. Then muddle the mint leaves into the sugar and ice to release the mint oils. Top off with a couple ounces of white rum, and then fill with soda water.

It's a Mojito, and if it's before noon, it's medicinal. If it's evening... you've earned it.

And let the porch creeping commence!

Done right, this recipe will last well after sunset.
It's all about quality of life.

**Author Update**

Everybody knows how to make "a" mojito right? But "a" mojito isn't really useful for most occasions. So I've been tweaking my recipe, and here it is... for a decent amount.

Use a pitcher... throw in 20 Mint Leaves, a couple handfuls of crushed ice, and 12 tsp Sugar, Muddle that. Add 3 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, 10 oz of White Rum, and top with 22 oz of Club Soda!

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  1. where are you having this mojito? Looks like a female leg with sandal joining you... hmmmmm??