Monday, November 16, 2009

Pumpkin Bread

Well, I was able to find a pumpkin, even tho it's not a pie pumpkin. Thanks Josh!

Steaming the pumpkin...

Awwww. Look! It's pumpkin puree!

Freezing. Cuz I can't use 15 cups of pumpkin all at once. It freezes well.

Alright, this is where the magic happens. See the magic?
I used this recipe I found online.

And since I'm lazy, I also use Pam with flour... cause there's nothing worse than greasing and flouring a pan.

Pull the roasted seeds out of the oven, you need it for the bread...
and I know you roasted them since we don't believe in waste.

I'll make the pie tomorrow.


  1. dang, I think I might make some of that...

  2. It's easy... and pretty good too!

  3. Hey, that steamer looks familiar... I am pretty sure I can see the magic but I wonder if you can taste the magic...