Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shrimp with Black Lava Salt and Pepper

Ok well you start off by shelling and veining your shrimp. I know it takes a little time but they are cheaper and you get the shells to make fish stock... and the fish stock for your rice...

Throw the shells into a pot not the garbage. (add fish bones etc if you have them, you con sometimes get them at the meat counter cheap) with 1 cup dry white wine, some onions (preferably roasted for richer flavor),3 cloves whole Garlic, a couple spigs fresh Thyme and Parsley, some pepper corns ( maybe 10), celery seed and bay leaf. Cover with water. Bring to a boil and simmer for only 20 minutes or it will get bitter. remove from heat strain out solids (cheese cloth or a colander unless its been on someones head recently) and allow to cool to room tempature.

Make jasmine rice replacing the water with the aromatic fish stock.
bring 1 3/4 cup fish stock to boil add 1 cup jasmine rice cover and reduce heat to simmer in 15 minutes she should be ready.

Slice baby Portabellos and saute.
slice baby Bok Choy and steam 7minutes
toss the two together in a bowl.

In a dry skillet cook shrimp to desired doneness (c's not o's)

plate and top with fresh cracked black pepper and Black Lava sea salt


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