Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yum Cha (Drink Tea)

My first attempt ... Chris, please dont laugh.
Very tasty, even if not so pretty.
Fresh Spring Rolls with shrimp, Seafood Gow Gee, Pork & Lettuce Parcels
There is a Lemon Garlic dipping sauce for the Pork Parcels and a Vietnamese Dipping sauce for the Spring rolls. Served with a nice Pu-erh Tea...
The Seafood Gow Gee are so well seasoned they dont need anything else.


  1. looks good. I wish i got to eat some of the food you make....

  2. thanks Cass. And remember, you have. I made all that vegetarian indian food special because of you...

  3. yea that was good. But you know, more often would be nice

  4. Wait. What am I supposed to be laughing at here?

  5. The poorly rolled, perhaps loosely rolled is a better definition, Spring Rolls