Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Steamed Clams / Oysters

Matt came to visit me in Bremerton. We thought it'd be nice to hit up the seafood while we were there. That's Matt shucking oysters in North Bay...

We also went clamming. This was an excellent beach for Manila and Native Littlenecks.
40 apiece per the regs.

Once you're home you should purge your clams. All shellfish will purge sand from themselves if placed in clean saltwater... But here we've added cornmeal to the water so they also feed on it. Basically, we were "breading" them on the inside! Just remember to change the water often while purging the clams, otherwise they'll use up the oxygen in the water and die.

While you're purging your clams you may as well eat up the Oysters you grabbed...
since they're just laying around...
For our Oysters, we poached them in their own liquor with butter and garlic, then topped them off with green onions and a little Tabasco.

They're a bit big to be considered "shooters", but hey, whatever.

Once the clams are purged and scrubbed, you're ready to steam!
Looks like we picked up Manila, Native Littlenecks, a couple Horse Clams, and even a Mussel.

Chopping up a little Parsley.

We're going for subtle with the clams, nothing overly fancy. Just steamed in a local white wine with a little parsley and green onion.

Steamed Clams

Top them off with a little fresh cracked black pepper, and a little chopped tomato.
Serve them with some crusty bread for soppin' up the juices.

And then, you're officially a glutton.

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