Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July Smoked Brisket

Rub Brisket with the rub of your choice. I went with a standard rub here but added a bunch of Garam Masala just to spice it up...

Laying it on the grill at 8 AM... I put the Brisket directly in a foil pan this time (instead of using a drip pan) to help protect the brisket from heat and mopped it with cider vinegar and the juices right out of the pan.

Here we are after smoking for 7 hrs. Just resting before the feast. It turned out fall apart tender. I always love the look on peoples face when they first see a smoked Brisket. That "you want me to eat that ?" expression. Then I get to watch them devour a plate and go for seconds... I guess it is a compliment but no one touched the bar-b-que sauce I made. Plates were wiped clean with crusty bread.

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