Saturday, September 26, 2009

Momma Tea!

So, my midwife has suggested that I drink Red Rasperry Leaf Tea because it helps with tissue elasticity (we all know I need that right now!) which includes helping to prevent stretch marks and also helps with the softening and flexibility of pelvic muscles and the effacing of the cervix as well as toning/effectiveness of the uterus. Yep! I went there. Deal with it.

So, I have here Traditional Medicinal's Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea. Problem is, I don't like tea. I can stomach it and all.. I just don't have much of a taste for it. So, here's my concoction...

Starts with 6oz of the above tea

3oz of Cranberry juice

4oz of Josh's hand squeezed lemon aid he made earlier today... then I tasted it to see how it was coming along (that removed a couple ounces :-)

And I topped it off with 7up! About 4oz I would guess.

And it was really yummy! Various combinations of those ingredients should help me get my 1-3 servings of Red Raspberry Leaf tea each day for the remainder of this pregnancy (even though I'm not a tea drinker I really enjoyed this combo) so that I can get the WOMANLY benefits of it's herbal contents... So, I call it Momma Tea.


  1. Fist let me say it sounds wonderfully tasty.
    Now I am going to play devils advocate...
    I wonder if all those great herbal benefits are not outweighed by the sugar content of 7-Up: 37 grams (per 12 ounces).
    Not pure cane sugar by the way but High fructose corn syrup. The American Journal of Clinical Medicine has done a study and they found that fructose consumption produces:

    Insulin resistance
    Impaired glucose tolerance
    High insulin levels
    High triglycerides


  2. Well, I only put about 3 oz in. I don't drink soda other than that. And I don't mix the 7 up in each time... sometimes just the juice, sometimes the juice and lemon aid.
    I'm guessing it's still rather beneficial at that point. And Yummy!