Sunday, November 7, 2010

Matts homemade Paneer

Paneer, a non melting cheese used in Indian food is easily made at home.

Boiling all equipment to be used for 5 min should kill any unwanted bacteria.

4 oz. fresh lemon juice. we will use its acid to curdle the milk.

1 gallon whole organic milk. Make sure it has not been ultra pasteurized.

Bring milk to a boil over medium heat, stirring to prevent scalding. Once the milk reaches a gentle rolling boil reduce heat to low and add lemon juice while stirring. The milk will seperate forming large curds leaving clear Whey.

Let the curds sit until they sink to the bottom of the pan.

Ladle curds into a colander lined with cheese cloth or butter muslin. Tie corners together and twist to remove excess Whey. Untie corners and wrap neatly. the nicer you wrap the nicer your final cheese will look.

Press curds/cheese under weight 1-2 hours. the longer you press the firmer the cheese.

End result should be a nice fresh mild cheese somewhere between 1-2 lbs.
This one weighs 1 lb. 5 1/2 oz.


  1. Thanks Colleen. Soon I hope to be more adventuresome with things like cheddar or Gouda...