Sunday, September 18, 2011

Easy Shrimp Paella

So I Sautéed 10oz chopped spanish Chorizo until it was lightly golden, set aside. Sautéed 1lb. peeled shrimp about half way, set aside. Sautéed sliced shallot and crushed garlic with 2 cups Arborio rice in 2 tbsp e.v.o.o. about 2 minutes. Added a pinch of Saffron and 1 can chicken stock. Brought to a boil, reduced to a simmer and covered. simmered about 14 minutes. Added a can of fire roasted tomatoes including juice and more stock. Returned to simmer and when most of the liquid was absorbed added 6 clams (they were out of mussels) and the shrimp. The dish finished absorbing the liquid, cooking the shrimp and steaming the clams in the last say 5 minutes. Topped with chopped parsley and green onions I served it with lemon wedges, Rosemary olive oil bread, balsamic and e.v.o.o. for dipping the bread and a nice Pinot Noir.