Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Okay, well the other day we watched the movie Twilight. We hadn't read the books or anything like that, just wanted to see what the big deal was with the movie. Apparently the big deal was Rainier beer in the 16 oz. cans. And cleaning guns while drinking it. It's like, in the movie a lot, and the best part of the movie too. So, we had to go to several stores to find it, but find it we did. Then David had to clean his Nerf guns (I know, what a goof) while drinking Rainier beer. It's naturally brewed and made with Yakima valley hops you know...


  1. Don't you mean 16 oz "Man-Can"?

  2. I think there are bigger cans, so wouldn't they be the "man-cans"? And these ones just sorta manly or something?

  3. Sweeet pic! And Chris gives me crap about teeny-bopper movies? Wow, how horrible was the beer? I mean the movie?

  4. Hey. I just thought it odd that Matt would be buying movies like Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist... and Juno... stuff like that. It wasn't what I expected.
    Not that I'd expect you guys to go watch Twilight either.
    And no Miranda, the bigger cans, like a 22 oz, are Dueces. And a 40 oz is a Forty... I don't know what to call a 24 oz...
    Anyway, I usually only refer to the 16's as "Man Cans". :)

  5. I thought every one knew these were the names and sizes of the most common beer configurations...

    1 Half Barrel 15.5gallons
    2 Pony Keg 7.75gallons
    3 Growler 64oz.
    4 Forty 40oz.
    5 Liter 33.81oz.
    6 Quart 32oz.
    7 Bomber 22oz.
    8 Imperial Pint 19.21oz.
    9 American Pint 16oz.