Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, Miranda, I can't help you with your pickle stuff... but I can recommend that if you're ever in Oregon...

Stop at the Deschutes Brewery in Bend and have a pint...

and the Full Sail Brewery in Hood River is a must as well...


  1. From Deschutes I think my favorite has to be The Dissident or maybe The Abyss. From Full Sail I am partial to the LTD series. What did you have?

  2. At Deschutes, I went with the Bachelor Bitter. It's a Pub Exclusive, brewed onsite, and the local’s favorite, so it will always be on tap, but only at the pubs. Bachelor Bitter has a deep copper color, rich malt body and classic English hops creating the perfectly balanced beverage.
    2007 GABF Gold Medal Winner
    IBU’s 50 | Alcohol by Vol. 5.2%

    It was yummy.

    At Hood River I had the LTD #3. As you probably know, LTD means Limited Edition. But in Hood River it means something even more: Live The Dream. In celebration of their 21st birthday they’re doing something every brewer dreams of: Concocting an ever-changing series of small batch beers, available for a limited time only. Each new LTD Series brew will showcase an original lager recipe, pimped out by our ace crew of libationary wunderkinds.

    And sure, it's a lager... but it's a Yummy Lager!