Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fried Razor Clams

My two crazy brothers came to visit... They shanghai'd my husband and went to the beach. Here's a pic of the Three Bearded Yahoos over on the coast.

Low tide was around 8:30, so they were diggin' in the dark.

The mythical razor clam, this is what they went for.

Crazy? Maybe... but at least they're crazy AND successful. They brought home 15 clams apiece...

Since I insisted Maggie couldn't go with them, they were happy to introduce her to her first razor clam. See how delighted she is? Crazy uncles!

Once home they had to clean the clams. David didn't realize the clams would still move as you're cleaning them... so he had to be peeled off the ceiling a couple of times.

Razor Clam Steaks.

The Three Bearded Yahoo's and their Assembly Line. The clams were first patted down in an attempt to dry them, then they were dredged in flour, dipped in egg, and then rolled in crumbs. You can just call them Flower, Egg, and Crumbs... like Snow White's three big dwarfs...

The breaded clam.

Frying up the clams. The oil must be hot!

This is the freshly fried razor clam. Very, very good.

In fact, they were so good, I even had one... and I don't eat seafood!

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