Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Squid with Jalapenos, Chipotles and Greens

Rinse and drain Squid.

Clean Squid, remove Quill, seperate head from Mantle, skin and remove Wings, cut Tentacles from eyes and gunk (retaining ink sac if you want to make black crutons later), turn Mantle inside out and rinse any remaining gunk off, cut Tentacles in half making sure to remove beak. you should be left with a clean Mantle, clean Wings, and tasty Tentacle halves. Cut Mantle into rings and wing, maybe in half depending on size.

Ok, here goes! Cook diced Jalapeno , crushed Chipotle and minced Garlic in oil maybe 15 seconds. Do not burn your Garlic! Add clean stemmed and chopped Mustard Greens. Cook until wilted. Add Squid and Salt to taste and cook until Squid is opaque. Serve with your favorite Rice and a drizzle of Tamari sauce.


  1. Sweet. That's what I think I'm going to do next... fish for squid. That'd be cool. Course, it'll have to be next year. I'm kind of booked for now.

  2. Lets do it. This was really good. and the first time I ever cooked Mustard greens. They taste great but smell a little funny.